Summary of the partnership

Voices of Youth powerpoint presentationThe overall objective of this project is to address the issues concerning the difficulties that the European countries and institutions have in finding ways for political and social involvement of young people at risk of exclusion, as well as young people who are already socially excluded through for example drop-out from school or apprenticeships and employments, housing and relation problems.

We intend to identify skills, methods and structures needed to boost true participation and inclusion of the voices of vulnerable youngsters in democratic processes, in policy making, care planning and in daily life decisions. In doing so we want to improve our own skills to work in a democratic and inclusive way. Increasing participation of vulnerable youngsters at all levels may also hopefully be a small contribution towards combating poverty and decreasing drop-outs from schools in accordance with the Europe 2020 agenda.

The partners intend to gather “best practice” ways of approaching the issues through exchange of experiences, in study visits and discussions, in and between meetings. We also intend to learn from young people and take into consideration their input from their life experiences and from their participation in the study visits and discussions. We intend to evaluate the data that is gathered and identify the skills, methods and structures that lead to the desired outcomes and set out criteria’s for elements needed in the non-formal training of professionals who work in the different institutions designed to work with young people, such as social workers, teachers, trainers and youth workers, and also the training of youngsters themselves. This will be published on our respective web-pages and also on the ENSA (European Network of Social Authorities) web-page.


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Voices of Youth powerpoint presentation
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