Rotterdam (NL)

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The region of Rotterdam has the biggest harbour of Europe. The harbour of Rotterdam with the ‘Eurogate’ is almost 50 km long. The region Rotterdam-Rijnmond is governed by the Stadsregio with a board of 15 cities in the region that collaborate in matters that concern the harbour, mobility, industry and jobs, housing and climate developments. The region has more than 1.2 million inhabitants and is the second largest urban area of the Netherlands after Amsterdam.

It is located in the province Zuid-Holland, an area marked by water, nature and the long coast line. In this area there can be found a variety of interesting cities, picturesque villages and other sights. In addition to the old cities with a long history, there are modern cities with remarkable architecture, culture, bars, restaurants and recreational facilities.


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Veronique Theunissen (projectleader, Rotterdam- The Netherlands)
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