Leuven (BE)

Riso Vlaams-Brabant

Riso Vlaams-Brabant brings the perspective of social vulnerable groups to the surface and aims for structural change in benefit of these groups. The organization initiates projects concerning accommodation, isolation, education, … in participation with these groups via the concept of community development. An important target group of the organization is youth at risk. The project ‘Nevermind’ is a project with youngsters who have a client history in youth care. Their perspective is not systematically taken into consideration, neither on a personal level nor organizational. Youth care is therefore not customized to the needs of these youngsters. The project ‘Nevermind’ wants to change this. The experience Riso Vlaams-Brabant gathered in this project will be a significant contribution to this project.

Riso Vlaams-Brabant
City of Leuven

Riso Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium
Brecht Goussey ( projectleader, Leuven Belgium)
Jos Sterckx (staf – Belgium)